Pema Yangdon

Born 1997, from Thimphu

As an Artist I intend to make the audience feel ineffable, or maybe give even some kind of comfort such as a hug. I am an Interior Designer with a passion for art, deep love for nature. I am also an avid adventurer and reader. I’ve been interested in art my whole life, it is a part of my life and I don’t think I would survive without art.

I have always drawn since I was a little kid and I dove deeper in it from 5th grade onwards. I use mixed media because I find it fun to experiment with different mediums. While working on paintings I feel nothing really stays the same, just phases in life so my techniques, mediums and usage of styles usually changes, depending on the piece I am working on, or however my flow goes with the piece.

Artworks of Pema Yangdon


The Last Meal of One Summer Morning

Calling of the Mountains

Bee Busy!