Bee Busy!

Art Description

Bees are so important for pollination, in fact they are the greatest pollinators. They collect their pollen in their pollen baskets. (Two of the cutest bees were busy buzzing near my office with their pollen baskets on dandelions).

Art Specification

Title: Bee Busy!
Year: 2023
Dimension: 20×24.5cm
Medium: Crayons and Pen
Exhibited In: BhutanArt Gallery at Paro International Airport
Price: Price on Request
Artwork Code: AG439

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Pema Yangdon

Born 1997, from Thimphu

As an Artist I intend to make the audience feel ineffable, or maybe give even some kind of comfort such as a hug. I am an Interior Designer with a passion for art, deep love for nature. I am also an avid adventurer and reader. I’ve been interested in art my whole life, it is a part of my life and I don’t think I would survive without art.

I have always drawn since I was a little kid and I dove deeper in it from 5th grade onwards. I use mixed media because I find it fun to experiment with different mediums. While working on paintings I feel nothing really stays the same, just phases in life so my techniques, mediums and usage of styles usually changes, depending on the piece I am working on, or however my flow goes with the piece.