Tashi Pelzom

Born 1989, from Punakha

I loved art from a very young age, when I make simple pencil sketches to entertain myself. Since I joined VAST Bhutan in 2013 I developed interest in playing with various colours and its beauty. I am inspired by Asha Kama’s beautiful art. Another inspiration is my husband, also an artist, whom I am deeply proud of. He supports me in enhancing my art and keeps me going.

As a busy early childhood educator, I lost touch with painting and after my daughter was born I couldn’t pick it back up. I’m trying my best to find time whenever possible. I would want to be known as a realistic artist. I love to work with any kind of medium. Detailed work really helps me cultivate my creativity and patience.

Artworks of Tashi Pelzom

Soothing Bell

Prayer to Nirvana

Power of Faith