Pema Gyeltshen

Born 1996, from Tsirang

In 2018 I graduated in the field of traditional art (Lhadri) from the National Institute for Zorig Chusum where I was trained for 6 years. Now I work as a traditional artist in a private company where we blend both traditional and contemporary art. I often collaborate with VAST Bhutan and volunteer there whenever I can. While volunteering in VAST Bhutan projects I get to learn from my VAST friends and mix the techniques of contemporary art together with the traditional art. I hope to create many more artworks by combining the two methods of creating that I have been blessed to learn.

Whenever I paint, I first focus on my body posture and eventually my thoughts get focused too. I always want to create meaningful, thought- provoking artwork, for which we need ideas, interest and effort combined. The outside world and the issues surrounding our lives, both sad and happy, inspire me to create. My interest and passion in paints and colours inspires me everyday to do my best in creating a piece of art.

Artworks of Pema Gyeltshen

Green Tara

Medicinal Buddha