Jamyang Dorji (Adap)

Born 1987, from Wangdue

Since my parents feared for my economic independence, I couldn’t pursue art full time. My love for art is forever and I make time to create as much as I can and now my parents and my family, especially my wife’s encouragement in art, is unending.

I was inspired by Asha Kama as he is the pioneer of contemporary art in Bhutan. Creating works of art gives me boundless joy and satisfaction. A great artist is one who learns with and from others. Currently, I am focusing on traditional subjects especially chham (mask dance). The colorful and vibrant subjects have a magic quality, and like other forms of Buddhist art, are considered cleansing to those who witness them. The medium that I use most is acrylic.

Artworks of Jamyang Dorji (Adap)

Judgement of the Dead

Different Expressions

Black Hat