Healing with Happiness: Bhutan Artshow 2022~

Our foremost gratitude is to
Their Majesties, The King and Queen of Bhutan, whose
patronage and support has made everything possible

We are collectively still recovering from the trials of a global pandemic, and there is still conflict and numerous global problems besetting the world. In such a time, the best we can hope for is that as many of us as possible can be brought together in belief that we can create a brighter future.

The Bhutanese spirit has always been inherently optimistic– a recognition of the interconnectedness of all the universe. We invoke blessings for good fortune
to imbue all our best intended and greatest endeavours. Bhutanese art, too, emerges from this sensibility. Traditional paintings and motifs signify auspiciousness and goodness, meant to bring healing wherever they are placed.

For this event- the largest collection of contemporary Bhutanese artwork to ever be exhibited internationally, more than 68 artists from Bhutan have created over 100 original works, all drawing from the spirit of healing that has long made art in Bhutan objects of reverence.

We hope that the serene beauty of Bhutan and her spirit, expressed in colour and form, will serve to uplift, inspire, and bring healing to all.

Our HWH Exhibition Partners

Royal Bhutan Embassy


VAST Bhutan





Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Royal Bhutan Embassy (RBE) Brussels
Belfius Bank
Bhutan Foundation
Loden Foundation
Gerard and Anne Tardy
Mr. Wangchuk Dorji, Honorary Consul of Belgium in Bhutan Mike De Cock
Chris Geyskens
Steve Knowles
Rajni Chavda
Dasho Kinley Dorji & Aum Pek Dorji


Asha Kama Wangdi, Curator
Karma Doma Tshering & Dipika Chhetri, Editor Karma T Dorji & Karan Gurung, Photographer Chimi Zangmo, Exhibition Director
Karma Tenzin Choden, Asst. Curator
RBE Brussels & VAST Bhutan, Logistics Gyempo Wangchuk, Cover Artwork
Passang Dema, Designer