Buddha in His element ll

Art Description

Art description:- The transparency of Buddha symbolises how our mind should be like a diamond- transparent, reflective and clear. Each line symbolises the path of goodness and the possible path to enlightenment. Each path is filled with the four elements (Earth, Wind, Water and Fire) which displays the importance of balance- and how each element has their own influences and effect. Surrounding the path, the water element flows in abundance around to purify and clear our mind and to witness the true nature of the mind.

Art Specification

Title: Buddha in His element ll
Year: 2023
Dimension: 112x85cm
Medium: Pen and Watercolor
Exhibited In: BhutanArt Gallery at Paro International Airport
Price: Nu. 1,20,000
Artwork Code: AG466

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Yeshi Pelden

Born 1991, from Bumthang

One winter vacation, assisting my uncle inspired me to pursue art. I joined the National Institute of Zorig Chusum, the school of thirteen traditional arts and crafts school. For all six years there, I was awarded the first division in all of the exams. My final achievement was The Best Outgoing Student medal in 2014.

In February 2017, I had my first solo exhibition in Thimphu, titled “The Hell Wheel of Life” on the six realms of the universe.

I currently work at Art United Gallery which I founded for the preservation and promotion of Bhutan’s traditional arts and culture. It is my aspiration to help the young and unemployed of Bhutan to find creative job opportunities for a positive impact on their life.