Red Tara

Art Description

My Guru once gifted me with the opportunity to work on a set of 21 Taras. I devoted myself to research and study since then, unaware that I was in the process of healing. The therapeutic lines and strokes, vibrant colors, and abundance of meaning and depth have brought me happiness and healing. Tara’s swift and heroic aspect, with a red body radiating fiery light, represents subjugation.

As she was healing me, I developed a strong attachment to her. She is the first of the 21 Taras. She responds quickly to her devotees’ calls to dispel obstacles and liberate beings from samsara. She is in red with one face and eight hands. Everyone heals in different ways and I was healing with DROLMA NYURMA PAMO! Healing with Happiness!

Art Specification

Title: Red Tara
Year: 2022
Dimension: 46x46cm
Medium: Acrylic
Exhibited In: Healing with Happiness
Price: Price on Request
Artwork Code: HWH95

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Ugyen Sangay Dema (Pika)

Born 1997, from Pemagatshel

I have spent my early childhood years in the remote east, away from the capital, and wasn’t very much exposed to art. However, my passion for art led me to Asha Kama: the person who showed me a clear path of art and inspiration. Under his guidance, I realized that art feels like ‘home’. And I am always exploring and learning to furnish my home!