The Lion’s Roar

Art Description

A lion’s roar is the proclamation of truth that cuts through conflicting emotions and allows us to experience the indestructible quality of wakefulness. Lion’s roar is the Buddha’s proclamation of emptiness. Our principal experience is, by nature, empty of concepts. The woman in the painting is a warrior of the ordinary mind. By remaining in the ordinary mind, she is able to hear the lion’s roar and clear out the clouds of defilement and confusion, transcend hopes and fears to climb the staircase of liberation. By combining wisdom and skill, she is able to navigate and sail

her boat to the other shore and remain in sukha: the deepest type of bliss or happiness that is independent of what is happening.

Art Specification

Title: The Lion’s Roar
Year: 2022
Dimension: 100x100cm
Medium: Acrylic & Oil
Exhibited In: Healing with Happiness
Price: Nu. 301,420/- (Ngultrum Three Hundred One Thousand Four Hundred Twenty)
Artwork Code: AG515 (HWH49)

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Born 1988, from Sarpang

Buddhism, consciousness, psychedelics, human warrior spirit, shamanism, tangible and the intangible culture of Bhutan influence our subject matter. We express our understanding and views on these subjects through the use of traditional and non-traditional icons and symbols. Humans are the focal point in the works as symbols of sacred warriors of the awakened mind.

Wisdom is used as a tool to discover the basic goodness of human life. Most of the faces in the work are of imaginary women as they represent wisdom and energy embodying humanity and divinity in feminine form. They are the guardians of spiritual practice and represent the empty quality of luminous awareness. The colourful patterns in the paintings evoke transcendence or psychedelic vibes implying altered state of consciousness.