Uniting the Sea

Art Description

Bound in this aquatic canvas, a profound message emerges: harmony and unity flourish where teamwork and peace prevail. Illustrated by the presence of Drupthob, a revered mahasiddha, alongside a sea monster, the artwork underscores the essence of leadership in fostering a harmonious world. The sea of fish embodies collective effort, symbolizing the transformative power of collaboration under the guidance of enlightened leaders.

Art Specification

Title: Uniting the Sea
Year: 2023
Dimension: 137.5x102cm
Medium: Acrylic
Exhibited In: Art United: a contemporary vision, 2023
Price: Nu. 276,000
Artwork Code: AG449

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Tshewang Tenzin

Born 1978, from Mongar

At the age of 12 I started painting, inspired by a patriline of thangka painters. I spent 10 years after that as a student of traditional art and another 20 years as a traditional art teacher. In the year 2007, at the SAARC art camp, I got to know Asha Kama, the pioneer of contemporary art movement in the country. From there on- I started exploring the wondrous world of art more.

My themes mostly consist of the change and connection between the traditional and contemporary. I paint to learn more about myself. I hope that with my search through these creations I get to inspire my students and the viewers who see my art to learn a little more about themselves.