Art Description

Buddhists believe that there
has been a succession of many Buddhas in the distant past and that many more will appear in
the future. Dipankara is one of numerous previous Buddhas, while Gautama Buddha (Shakyamuni) is the most recent, and Maitreya will be the future Buddha. The painting portrays the Buddha Shakyamuni enfolded in his mantra – Tayata Om Bekanze Bekanze Maha Bekanze Radza Samudgate Soha.

It conveys the message that to attain Buddhahood, one need not have to possess mountains full of wealth as there are many simple ways to do so. One way is to chant the mantra of the Buddha. Further, if one wants to have peace within, one can achieve it through meditation which will lead to knowing your own mind.

Art Specification

Title: Buddha
Year: 2022
Dimension: 40x57cm
Medium: Natural Pigment
Exhibited In: Healing with Happiness
Price: Price on Request
Artwork Code: HWH90

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Rinzin Dorji

Born 1984, from Lhuentse

My name is Rinzin Dorji, but people know me as Dotshon Dorji (Dotshon meaning mineral colours). The art of painting murals and frescoes with pigments has been passed down from my great- grandfather’s generation. I studied at the School of Thirteen Traditional Arts for six years and worked closely with the master painters when I realised it was challenging to find natural colours and we had to depend on imports. Now I am reviving the tradition of using minerals found locally in the hope to preserve our culture. In 2021, I was awarded the “Seal of Excellence” for the quality of my thangka (scroll). I also received the Brand Bhutan 2022 award. Currently, I am in the process of creating 100% Bhutanese made thangkas with natural nettle fibre canvas. The murals in Bhutan show important features of the natural pigment because it lasts long and offers a unique colour.