The Three Poisons

Art Description

The three poisons (rooster, pig and snake) keep people wandering in samsara. If we can identify the three poisons, we can learn to nurture the three positive attitudes, practice generosity and loving kindness. We don’t need to look far to see the three poisons at work. We see them every day in the news and on the streets, and if we pay attention, we can see them in our own minds and actions.

Art Specification

Title: The Three Poisons
Year: 2022
Dimension: 105x105cm
Medium: Natural Pigment
Exhibited In: Healing with Happiness
Price: Nu. 120,000/- (Ngultrum One Hundred Twenty Thousand)
Artwork Code: AG523 (HWH29)

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Penjor Dorji

Born 1985, from Lhuentse

I graduated from Trashiyangtse Zorig Chusum Institute in 2014. I currently manage the Green Pigment Arts company with the aim of producing the first natural pigment colours in the country. In 2016, I held my first exhibition at the Nehru Wangchuck Cultural Centre and in the following year an exhibition on Art and Raw Materials at the Royal Textile Academy. That same year, I won 2nd prize in the Start-up Innovation Tech Week. In 2019, I participated in the South Asia Art Expo in Kunming, China. In 2020, I was among the top 5 contestants in the Bhutan-India Start-up Summit. I also secured 3rd position in the traditional painting competition organised by the Royal Textile Academy of Bhutan.