Art Description

This is also a dance performance performed at Tshechu festivals. Avalokiteshvara and Buddha Vajra Heruka are believed to dwell in cremation grounds to liberate the spirits of the deceased from this world for a swift transition to the after-world. During the performance, the dancers destroy an effigy and offer the remnants to the tutelary deities of the ten directions. This is believed to liberate any negative spirits.

While death is a grim subject, Buddhism approaches it with the wisdom of acceptance. I used pop-art style to convey a light mood. I am rediscovering these tenets of Buddhism from the Internet, listening to a lot of talks about life, death and impermanence.

Art Specification

Title: Durdag
Year: 2022
Dimension: 120x120cm
Medium: Acrylic & Oil Pastels
Exhibited In: Healing with Happiness (HWH103)
Price: Price on Request
Artwork Code: AG451

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Pem Lham

Born 1997, from Lhuentse

I was introduced to VAST Bhutan by my late brother- VAST was his whole life, and he was a big and beloved part of the VAST family. VAST has been one of the ways I still connect to him- he left a lot of friends, memories, and his art as legacy. I graduated with a BA in Fine Arts from Beacon House National University in Lahore, Pakistan, and interned with VAST for a year. Being part of VAST has given me the opportunity to be part of huge and exciting projects, like the Paro Airport gallery which we are working on now, or the gigantic mural we completed in Haa valley in 2020, as part of the Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition, and which has become an icon in the valley. I have worked mostly with acrylic, a medium I am most comfortable with, but I would like to explore oil painting and sculpture as well. For me, being an artist is about continuing to learn and grow, and be part of an incredible community.