Joy in Contentment

Art Description

In the everyday rat race, we miss out on joy and beauty in
the tiny moments such as the sight of sunsets, flowers blooming, the moon, the stars, and butterflies. We rarely see a grandmother and her grandchildren sharing a simple moment of conversation. This has become a thing of the past, in a generation overwhelmed with high-tech globalization. This piece captures the contentment of the grandmother in her daily prayers and the joy of seeing her grandchild safe and joyful in the simplicity of nature.

Art Specification

Title: Joy in Contentment
Year: 2022
Dimension: 34X53cm
Medium: Pencil
Exhibited In: Healing with Happiness
Price: Price on Request
Artwork Code: HWH07

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Nicolas Rai

Born 1992, from Samtse

I have always loved drawing cartoon characters. My father is my inspiration for creating. Watching him draw and use colour made me happy. My first drawing was a dragon which I felt so proud of. From then on I created my own world where I could get lost.

When I turned 29 that feeling of excitement faded and the COVID lockdowns made it worse. I was depressed, but Lama Shenphen pulled me out and told me to draw again. So here I am, trying to get into that world of creativity again.