Zhanag Cham

Art Description

It is hard to look away from the Zhana Cham, a maskless dance performed at religious festivals. With the contrast of bright symbols of magic on a background of black hat and whirling robes, it is an ideal subject for art. But the Zhana Cham is not meant to be beautiful or entertaining. It is a sacred ritual that purifies the very space it is performed in.

Art Specification

Title: Zhanag Cham
Year: 2022
Dimension: 60x100cm
Medium: Mixed Media
Exhibited In: Healing with Happiness
Price: Price on Request
Artwork Code: HWH118

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Monjit Nepal

Born 1992, from Tsirang

I have always enjoyed creative work. I became interested in painting after a program on television about art. I tried to replicate the colours and the flow of the paints but without guidance, I was like a ‘ship in the ocean without a rudder’. I was fortunate to come across artists who tutored and guided me at VAST Bhutan.

In college, I was introduced to ‘hay art’ at a friend’s place. I was fascinated and wanted to learn more about it. As I started doing this form of art, the beginning was rocky but with practice I became better. I am grateful to have people give me their honest feedback.

Now I am very confident and enjoy my creative process.