Tiger’s Nest Ascending

Art Description

As dawn’s first kiss paints the sky, Taktshang awakens, a celestial palace adorned with the sun’s radiant embrace.

Art Specification

Title: Tiger’s Nest Ascending
Year: 2024
Dimension: 80x80cm
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Exhibited In: BhutanArt Gallery at Paro International Airport
Price: Nu. 84,000/- (Eighty Four Thousand)
Artwork Code: AG561

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Loday Phuntsho

Born 1986

I am Phuntsho Loday born in 1986 from Tashigang, a self-taught Contemporary Bhutanese artist. I have always been interested in painting rather than studying in my school days.

During my childhood days I found art to be a medium where I could express myself more as compared to writing or any forms of communications.

While in School I participated in different art competitions. One of the achievements that I would always cherish is the time when I won the first prize in the Sit and Draw competition where we had to complete a painting within 30 minutes. I have recently joined Vast Bhutan being one of the youngest artists to become a member of the club. After joining Vast Bhutan, I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience on the different mediums of paintings and got Introduced to many artists who I believe that I can learn more from their expertise. Though I have strong Interest towards painting I could not pursue my dream of becoming a full-time artist due to my obligations towards my family. I am currently working as a security personnel at Paro International Airport, Paro.