Art Description

My canvas represent the prayer on the Stupa Danri near Helipad, where i have seen from my childhood and i have fond memory where i have circumambulated during my school days.

Art Specification

Title: Untitled
Year: 2022
Dimension: 122x92cm
Medium: Acrylic
Exhibited In: BhutanArt Gallery at Paro International Airport
Price: Nu. 112,000
Artwork Code: AG393

Home Artists Lobzang Zangpo (Lobu) AG393 Untitled


Born 1995, From Thimphu

I stumbled into the world of art because of VAST Bhutan- I joined to pass the time, made friends who inspired and encouraged me, and now realize that joining VAST was the best decision of my life. I fell in love with painting, and I was extremely fortunate to get a scholarship to pursue it. I graduated with a BA in Visual Arts from the Beacon House National University in Lahore, Pakistan in 2019 on a scholarship through VAST Bhutan.

My inspiration as an artist and as a human being is Asha Kama. I am used to inter-disciplinary mediums of art. I do photography, sculpture and I also sketch.