Lhaksam Tempey Gyeltshen

Born 1996, from Lhuntse

I started creating art when I was four years old. My parents would give me a pen and a piece of paper and would tell me to just draw anything that came to my mind. I never stopped. As a child I sketched and doodled and my interest in art kept growing. When I turned twelve I joined VAST Bhutan. But I left that very week to go abroad for school. I recently just got back home and started creating again at VAST. My inspiration is Leonardo Da Vinci and a Chinese artist whom I’ve met recently.

I am more fond of sketching rather than painting. I sketch portraits of people and animals, and I have recently started getting interested in sketching still life. The incredible thing about art is that it silences all negative thoughts inside me and brings peace. Art is a meditative process and the journey of getting to know myself more.

Artworks of Lhaksam Tempey Gyeltshen

Vajra Kilaya