Royal Crest

Art Description

The official seal and National Emblem of Bhutan has two thunder dragons or “Druk” framing a crossed dorji that represents the thunderbolt or ‘vajra’. This crossed thunderbolt or ‘dorje jadram’ symbolises the harmony and balance between secular and spiritual law in the country. The

lotus at the bottom of the emblem forms the base of the thunderbolts. It represents purity in Buddhism. The male and the female dragon’s are the protectors of the kingdom and guard the “Dorje Jadram”. The sacred jewel placed at the top of the crest represents the sovereign power in the Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan.

Bhutan’s emblem evokes an imagery much like a work of art, and I wanted to bring out the sense of magic and power that it has, which I think represents Bhutan very well.

Art Specification

Title: Royal Crest
Year: 2022
Dimension: 120x120cm
Medium: Acrylic & Sawdust
Exhibited In: Healing with Happiness
Price: Price on Request
Artwork Code: HWH99

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Kunzang Wangmo

Born 1992, from Punakha

I have a BA in Graphic Designing from Beacon House National University, Lahore, Pakistan through the VAST Bhutan art scholarships. My inspiration to pursue art started with my brother encouraging me to draw.

To me art is a therapy, companion and meditation. My inspiration usually comes from the surrounding nature that I live in– as my mentor once said, “Nature is the best teacher”.

Art has helped me to grow into the person I am today. When I create, I feel gratified because I let all my emotions flow through my heart to my brain, then to my fingers and then onto the canvas. The painted canvases are visuals of my feelings. The best thing about being an artist is that you can express anything with various colours and forms that exist in your imagination.