Four in tune and optimistic

Art Description

Global connectivity through phones has led to increased interaction, yet paradoxically, it has also contributed to heightened criminal activity within communities. By fostering effective communication and cultivating mutual respect, the artwork echoes the harmony of the four harmonious brothers. Through its intricate lines, it invites us to visualize a future where humanity’s interactions mirror the elegance of petals blooming from the bud.

Art Specification

Title: Four in tune and optimistic
Year: 2023
Dimension: 80x80cm
Medium: Acrylic
Exhibited In: Art United: a contemporary vision, 2023
Price: Nu. 58,500
Artwork Code: AG442

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Kinley Dukpa

Born 1996, from Mongar

From a young age, I loved coloring and drawing. My art was appreciated by my teacher and friends in school. After finishing high school in 2015, I got scholarships for further studies, but I didn’t want to go back to school.

When I was in Grade 10, my dad told me about thirteen different arts and crafts (Zorig Chusum). That got me interested. In 2016, after finishing Grade 12, I joined NIZC. It took me 6 years to learn Bhutanese painting there.

Now I work with my teacher, a professional artist named Tshewang Tenzin at Art United, and I really enjoy it. I still have a lot to learn from him, and I’m excited about that.