Art Description

Here then,
Form is no other than emptiness, Emptiness no other than form.
Form is only emptiness,
Emptiness only form.
Feeling, thought, and choice, Consciousness itself,
Are the same as this.
~ From Prajnaparamita , The Heart Sutra

Art Specification

Title: Untitled22
Year: 2022
Dimension: 120x120cm
Medium: Acrylic
Exhibited In: Healing with Happiness
Price: Nu.150,000/- (Ngultrum One Hundred Fifty Thousand)
Artwork Code: AG518 (HWH107)

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Karan Gurung

Born 1994, from Dagana

Art is amazing, not just to make life beautiful or to look beautiful but also to uplift us beyond our grasp of understanding. I cannot define or describe what art is and how much it means to me- since it’s beyond its limited name, I enjoy its character more than its name. Lots of people have this misconception that art is beautiful but being ugly is also art. As mentioned before- the power to uplift us beyond our grasp of understanding.

I was born in a Buddhist country. The art in my country is very vibrant and rich. Each color and motif has its own story. This abundance of beauty blesses us to experience our very own unique creations and culture.