Gyempo Wangchuk

Born 1987, from Tashi Yangtse

The only memory I cherish of school is winning first place in an art competition when I was 7. Life continued but I became desperate without a destination. It was at Rigsum Goenpa, a lone monastery in my village where I absorbed the traditional arts and recognized my true interest.

I joined the National Institute of Zorig Chusum (School of Thirteen Crafts) to chase my passion and successfully completed 6 years in ‘Lhadri’ (Traditional Painting). Now I do what I am good at and certainly, that which makes me happy. My experience ranges from scroll paintings to wall paintings in temples and ‘Dzongs’. I dedicate all my time and energy to art and I don’t intend to seek any other employment.

Artworks of Gyempo Wangchuk

Cleansing I

Cleansing II

Realms of Suffering

Lapis Flower